About the 57th AHC 

Known by the call sign "Gladiator" or "Cougar" (gunships), the 57th AHC was based in Kontum, Pleiku and An Khe in the Central Vietnam Highlands during the Vietnam War.  Aircrews flew the iconic UH-1 Huey helicopter in support of the 5th Special Forces and other US and Vietnamese combat units. 


Years after the war ended the 57th was revealed to be a key player in the then top secret Special Forces clandestine missions that occurred in enemy occupied Laos and Cambodia.  Helicopter crews inserted and extracted highly skilled Special Forces teams in extremely remote jungles more than often under intense enemy fire.  During that period our Government disavowed any operations in either Laos or Cambodia (a "Mission Impossible" approach if you will).  To learn more, please read John Plaster's bestselling book "SOG:  The Secret Wars of America's Commandos in Vietnam".  The 57th AHC actions are mentioned often in his book and others.

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